ENTUITE Technologies

ENTUITE's Client-Centric Services

Unrivaled levels of Business and IT support throughout the customer lifecycle and even beyond!

ENTUITE involves our customers in the whole process of applications development. Our constant and continuous communication keeps them updated. We capture their thoughts during ideation & prototype stage and even the Business Process deviations is taken into consideration with empathy on their requirements and objectives.


Our clients come first. Therefore, anytime we are called in to offer support, we do so with great passion. Regardless of time zone differences, we are dedicated with our Techie Team to provide out of box support. Whenever a customer requests a unique type of support, not within our contractual agreement. Guess what happens? We honor them. ENTUITE goes an extra mile to support and sort the issues raised.

Timely Service Delivery

It is a good business practice to offer services in timely manner and within reasonable timelines. We strive to deliver strictly with ETAs.

QA & Testing

Finally, before we deploy and install your favorite apps, we have a rigorous Quality Assurance procedure we adhere to rigourously. Our apps must meet high standards of design.
In addition to workable QA checklist, we have systematic testing procedures.

After-Sales Support

We take the After-sales Support seriously, including the KT and Training Support to Clients and their employees, so as to utilize the System efficiently. On-boarding process will be taken care to be smooth enough for the Organizations.

Feedback & Fine-Tune

Every System requires constant evolvement. It's supported by the automated and manual feedback systems from its users. ENTUITE takes constant feedback through automated measures and manual feedback to understand if the system solves the pain problem to its core.

We enter into a phase of the evolvement of the application with the result of the study we had. This step is the most important area where Organizations fail to concentrate, thereby the effort and time put into application went into vain.

Some of Our Esteemed and Happy Customers

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